World War II

World War II Veterans of Longwood

We are going to do one last printing of the Longwood World War II booklet. If you have any information, pictures, etc. that you would like included please e-mail us at [email protected]

We are currently creating biographies of local men that served during the second World War. If you have any information, please e-mail us.

Albin, Leroy Middle Island   Navy
Amos, Edward Yaphank Army
Banks, Charles Yaphank  
Barger, Harvey Yaphank Army
Bayles, Donald M Middle Island Army
Bello, Frank Coram Navy
Betz, George Ridge Army
Bianca, Frank Middle Island Army
Birrell, George Yaphank Navy
Bonk, Harry Coram Navy
Borella, Bruno Coram Army
Brenner, Joseph Middle Island  Army 
Buniski, Edward J Middle Island   Army
Buniski, Charles P Middle Island  Army 
Burns, Bartley Coram Navy
Burns, Raymond Coram Navy
Carrabus, Dominicc Middle Island   Army
Carrabus, Albert H Middle Island   Army
Carrabus, John Middle Island   Army
Carroll, Joseph Ridge   
Cerniglia, Andrew Yaphank  
Christiansen, Howard Coram Army
Connell, Briton Yaphank   Army
Davis, John Coram Army
Davis, Judson Coram Coast Guard
Delli -Bovi, Victor Coram   Army
Delli -Bovi, Jerome Coram   Navy
Dilucian, Joseph Coram Army
Doherty, Francis Ridge Army
Doherty, Harry Ridge Marines
Doherty, James Ridge Army
Doherty, Michael Ridge Navy
Dunnnigan, Raymond Coram Army
Eagle, William Middle Island   Army
Eagle, James Coram Navy
Erhardt, Richard Coram Army
Edwards, Leon Middle Island   Army
Ehlers, Albert H Ridge   Army
Elges, Warren Ridge   Army
Erland, Arthur Middle Island   Army
Erland, Clifford Middle Island   Army
Erland, Calvin Middle Island   Army
Eve, Paul Middle Island   Army
Faron, Alfred Coram Army
Farrington, John Middle Island Army
Ferguson, Donald Middle Island   Army
Fingar, Donald Coram Navy
Fullerton, Loring Middle Island   Navy
Gagnon, Edmour Yaphank Army
Gaulke, Henry Yaphank Navy
Gerdts, Henry Ridge   Army
Gill, Francis Ridge  Marines 
Gill, William Ridge   Air Corp
Glover, Kenneth Yaphank   Army
Gordon, Walter Yaphank Army  
Greener, Andrew Yaphank Army
Guidone, Benjamin Ridge   Army
Hahn, William Coram Army
Hamel, William Ridge  
Hines, John Middle Island   Army
Hines, Theodore Middle Island   Army
Heppler, Richard Ridge  
Hoeffner, Charless Yaphank Army
Hoeffner, John Yaphank Army
Hollowell, Paul Middle Island Army
Holmes, John Yaphank Marines
Holmes, Joseph Yaphank Navy
Holmes, Thomas Yaphank Army
Holmes, Sylvesterr Yaphank Army
Kansriddle, John Yaphank Army
Kiezel, Walter Yaphank Army
Kiezel, William Yaphank  
Kinney, Myrton Yaphank Army
Klimek, Paul Yaphank   Army
Koecher, Walter Coram Army
Kreamer, George Yaphank Army
Leger, Ernest Yaphank   Army
Lyons, William Coram Army
Lyons, John Coram Navy
Mailer, Donald Coram Army
Mazzoni, Salvatore Coram Marines
Miller, R.  Ridge  
Miniuks, John Yaphank  
Mirando, John Middle Island   Army
Mirando, Salvatore Middle Island   Army
Mirando, Frank Middle Island   Army
Mirando, Vincent Middle Island   Army
Mooney, Edwin Ridge   Navy
Morris, Cyril Yaphank Army
Morris, James Gordon Heights Army Air Force
Neger, Ethel Yaphank  Waves 
Nelson, George Yaphank  Army 
Obiedzenski, Alexander Middle Island Army
Obiedzenski, Zygmund Middle Island   Marines
Ortmann, Arthur Yaphank  
Ortmann, Edward Yaphank  
Pfeiffer, Everett Middle Island   Army
Pfundstein, William Coram Navy
Poggioli, Raymond Middle Island Army
Pritchard, James Ridge Army
Raimond, Patrick Yaphank   Army
Raimond, Charles Yaphank Navy
Rankin, Donaldd Yaphank Army
Randall, Austin Ridge Navy  
Raynor, Sidney Ridge Army
Rensch, William Yaphank   Army
Risley, Joseph Coram Navy
Risley, Kenneth Coram Navy
Risley, Theodore Coram Navy
Rogers, George Yaphank  
Rogers, Thomas Yaphank  
Rupolo, Thomass Coram Marines
Ruppert, Frederick Middle Island   Army
Sautter, Martin Yaphank   Army
Scesney, Joseph Yaphank Army
Schorsch, Fred Yaphank Army
Seibert, Anthony Yaphank Army
Seibert, George Yaphank   Army
Shannon, James Ridge  Navy 
Sieber, Albert Ridge Army
Sieber, William Ridge   Army
Sieber, Dorothy Ridge   WAC
Sieber, Edward Ridge Navy
Stewart, Frances Middle Island Spars
Stewart, Norman Middle Island   Army
Stiansen, Andre Yaphank   Army
Still, Raymond Coram Navy
Strier, Frederick Yaphank Army
Swezey, Allen Middle Island   Army
Swezey, Theodore Middle Island   Army
Thatner, Eric Ridge Army
Tovey, Thomas Middle Island Army
Voorhies, Donald Yaphank Army
Walters, Charles Yaphank Navy
Ward, Lewis Ridge   Army
White, Charles Middle Island Army
Williams, Benjamin Middle Island   
Wittschack, Rudolph Coram Army
Wittschack, Frederick Coram Army
Wittschack, Edward Coram Army
Young, Donald Coram Army
Zebrowski, Edward P Middle Island   Army
Zebrowski, Roman RR Middle Island   Army
Zebrowski, Zigmund Middle Island   Navy
Zebrowski, Walter Middle Island   Navy
Zimlinghaus, Charles Coram Army

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