William Yarrington- French and Indian War diary

Diary of Captain William Yarrington
French and Indian War
Transcribed by
Elizabeth Yarrington Russell
Clara Hoyt Russell
New Transcript by
Carol Russell Law, 1976

The following excerpts are from a diary kept by William Yarrington during the French and Indian War. The unedited copy can be found in the local history room at the Longwood Public Library.

The Coll's staff went up the water on a raft of Batoes to the fort.

Fryday Sept. ye 21st 1759
Fed cattel. Went to Crown Point today. Ye timber for the grait Hospital ye party began it today.

Sunday. Sept. ye 23rd
I went on ye quarter guard. Moses Snow of Coll Fitch's company died ye 23 instant.

Monday. Sept. ye 24th
A boat of mohaks from Sir. William Johnson came to our party this knight.

Tuesday Sept. 25th
This morning ye mohak boat Went to Crown Point to see Gen'l_____ . I hant heard what their Bisniss is. Today Connecticut, Boston and Rhod Island forces moved over to the point and the day allowed to fix tents and treats etc.

Fryday Sept. ye 28.
Nothing remar'l. Camp nues Continues. Some talk that Connecticut Forces Ware to goe the way of number four.

Saturday Sept. ye 29.
Workt gathering of timber for the fort.

Sunday Sept. ye 30th.
It was smelting blustering and cold but not extraordinary for ye season.

Tuesday October ye 2nd.
Today draught first day of provisions. Three of salt and two of Fresh.

Wensday October ye 3.
The ledere from the other point joined the party today.

Thursday October ye 4.
Ye Colonel and the rest of ye party came over today. A searjent and twelve men from the Fort joynde us today.

Fryday October ye 5th.
Today orders to send the sick home. Today a quntity of Government stores sent to camp.

Saturday October ye 6th
The Brig of Ticontirogue Being finnisht fired off her peeses at knight.

Sunday ye 7th.
Today all the sick in the camp set out for home. Ninety-five out of our rgmt. Eight out of our company. Our party rec'd eight days provishams.

Thursday October ye 11.
This morning ye sloop from Ticontirogue went down the Lake to Crown Point.The Gen'l having all things Redy the artilery and the artilery store on bord. the army embarcked for St. Johns leaving none But the workmen that Carried on the Works at the Fort under the Command of Brigadier Ruggles.

Sunday October ye 14th
Sirkee the Post set out for home. Nuse today that our fleet had a brush with some of the French Vessels and drove them onto a rock and Beat up a Challenger.

Thursday Octo ye 18th
The nuse Today is satisfyed that Gen'l Woulf was killed and the Leut Genl and a grait number of soldiers and both the genls of the French army viz: genl MontCalm & Lieut genl.

Sunday, Octer ye 21st
Today his Excellency Genl Amherst returned from his seige to crown point.

Monday October ye 22nd
Today I went to Crown Point.

Thursday ye 25th.
Orders for a detachment of men to make bridges and mend the Rhod to number four.

Fryday ye 26th
Today a Party of all ye Provenshals Forces drue twelve days of provisions and marcht for number four to mend the Rhode and make Bridges for the army.

Sunday ye 28th
The StokBridge Indians marcht of today to their Qurters.

November. Thursday ye 1st.
This morning Massechussett & nue Jersey mans Ris with a resolution to leave the army and disobad their officers' orders. The party at this place when on ye Porraid Dropt their arms at the same time Connecticut and Rhode Island forces was ordered to their arms and maid a grate Turnout. Some of those men was confined and sent to Camp and at Knight the Genl cleard them and they returnd to their duty again.

Fryday ye 2nd.
Nothing Remarb today. This eving about fifty of Coll Willard's men got their packs slung and got aboard of some battoes and rowed across the lake. The Reglers fird on them and dangerously wounded one of their men and they retrnd to shore.

Saturday Novbr ye 3rd
Today it rained all day. Today a flag of Truse came to Crown Point.

Tuesday November 6th
Today John Richardson of Coll Fitch's Company for theft was whipt fifty lashes woll laid on.

Wensday November ye 7th.
This even a party of officers and soldiers of the Seventh Regt from Lake George Fort Edward and Fort Miller came to this post.

Saturday November ye 10.
It being King George's Bearthday the Inglish collours were histed. Was celebrated with an expression of joy. About two of the clock on the afternoon ye cannon was discharged three time and was followed with the discharging three rounds of the small arms and attended with finish of all sorts of musick that camp could afford and Eand the day with grait Burn Fires among almost Every Regt.

Sunday November ye 11th.
Today I save Farnum of Coll Fitch's Company

Monday Novembr ye 12th.
This morning ye Rhode Island Regnt Marched. Today about twelve of the clock one of Genl Gage's Light Infantry for theft was executed.

Thursday November ye 15th.
Things goe on with great expedission. Nothing as yet remarcibul. Camp nues carrys the day. Today our prisoners by a French Flag of Truse was brought to camp for an exchange one for the other.

Fryday November ye 23rd.
Today came out in general orders for Coll Fitch's Regnt to march.

October ye 4th, 1763
Today this fourth day I set out my journey with my wife to Long Island. The chief of that week I was detand at New England in New London. The wind being contirery I went from pillar to poast, from one plase to another till Saturday morning Providence favoured me. The wind being north I went aboard Mr. Griffins boat and was favoured with a remarkable pleasant day, and landed about two o Clock. On Saboth Day Eving I came to my Cousin Corrings and tarried til morning & after breakfast I set out for Coram. We came to Mr. Barkers, the ministers, stopt a ful minits. I was once more Detand by Stopping at Mr. Warren and we had some Rest. Then set out a fresh, it rained some; we quicened our pace, got to Coram about three of the clock and had some joy and gladness in meeting. The remainder of the weak I Spent my time in visting my friends & Conversing about things that was transacted while Each other was absant.

Corum, April ye 8, 1775

Credit By Chash from Mr. Rose
Credit for flax from Thomas Rose
Credit for 5lb flax from Jesse Rose
Credit for one Bushel of oats from Hennery Hulse and noe Shilling
Crdit for eleven sheets of paper from Nathan Rose
Credit for soling my shoes by Fransies Barton
Credit for a pare of Soles for my Shoes from Hennery Sammrick

Joseph Terry Dr. to me for schooling his children 00 10 00
Jeremiah Wheeler Dr. to me for schoolong his childe 00 05 00
Mordicai Hamm Dr. to me for schooling his children 00 10 00
Ebenezer Hamm Dr. to me for schooling his childe 00 05 00
Stephen Swasey Dr. to me for schooling his child 00 05 00
Hennery Summrick Dr. to me for schooling his children 00 10
Reuben Perkins Pirkins Dr. to me for schooling his child 00 03

James Brewster Dr. to me for schooling him 00 2 6
Francis Barton Dr. to me for his schooling 00 2 4
Stephen Barton Dr. to me for his schooling 00 2 4
____Conkling Dr. to me for schooling your son 00 5 0

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