Old Middle Country Road Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the South side of the section of the old Middle Country Road that now connects the new Middle Country Road (Rt.#25) and Rt. 112. All stones were copied on Sept. 20, 1971 by Elbert N. Carter.

1. JONATHAN BENJAMIN d. Dec. 29,1787 in his 62nd.year.

2. ELIZABETH BENJAMIN, wife of JONATHU BENJAMIN, d. April 270795 in 75 (or 71) year. Red Sand Stone f.s. E.B.

3. Grave marked by a field stone.

4. Grave marked by a field stone.

5. Grave marked by a field,stone.

6. JONAH S., son of ROBERT & JOANNA HAWKINS, d. July 5,1809 wss f.s. J.S.H. Note: See also Hawkins Gen. Pg. 39 #110.

7. JOANNA HAWKINS, wife of ROBERT HAWKINSt d. June 28,1809 age 25 years. wss f.s. J.H. Note:She was daughter of JONAH & SIBELLA SMITH. Ref. Hawkins Gen. Pg-39#110.

8. JONAH SMITH d. Oct. 1789 age 49th year. (Stone broken so date not readable; the year is also in question but it looked like 89. Red Sand Stone f.s. JONAH

9. SIBELLA SMITH wife of JONAH SMITH, d. Sept. 20, 1804 age 51 years.

10. EDGAR L. STILL, d.age 22 y 3 m 12 days. f.s. E.L.S.
HENRY 0. STILL d. Sept. 11,1834 age 29 years. f.s. H.O.S.
Both were sons of WILLIAM & ELIZABETH STILL. wss.

11. WILLIAM STILL d. June 1,1838 age 55 years. wss f.s. (buried)

12. ELIZABETH t wife of WILLIAM STILL, d. May 12,,1855 age-69 years 8 mo. 18 days.. wss f.s. B.S.

13. Grave marked by a field stone.

14. AGNES T. PROVOST 1863-1941

15. ANTOINE PROVOST 1862-1929

16. PREDERICK A. DOULL, b. in Cleveland, Ohio Feb. 7, 1865 d. in New York City July 4, 1866.

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