buying additional acreage

May 16, 1865

Gershom O. Overton, Sereno B.
Overton and Hannah M. Overton,
his wife in token of relinquishment
of her right of dower, Nehemiah Overton
and Huldie M. Overton, in token of
relinquishment of her right of dower, all
of Brookhaven,


William O. Bartlett of N. Y. City Conveys:-

ALL that tract or parcel of land situated in Middle Island, in Brookhaven aforesaid, bounded and described as follows, to wit: Beginning at a point in the middle of Connecticut River about one chain, fifteen links westerly of a certain stone in the westerly side of the highway leading from Swezey's Mills to Miller Place, adjoining land on the south of Samuel N. Hurton, on the West late of Minor Davis, deceased, thence northerly by the middle of said ricer bounded Westerly by land formerly of said Minor Davis about twenty-one chains be the same more or less to a point in the middle of said river westerly of a large oak tree on the west side of the highway aforesaid an adjoining land of James and William B. Dayton, thence easterly by land of said James and William B. Dayton bounded on the same about thirty-six chains be the same more or less to the middle of the Wading River Hollow Road and land of Samuel W. Randall; thence southwesterly and westerly by the middle of said road, bounding on land of said Samuel W. Randall and land of said Samuel N. Hurton about fifty-five chains, be the same more or less to the place of beginning: Containing by estimation one hundred acres be the same more or less-Excepting from the tract of land aforesaid one acre, more or less, being the same conveyed by the grantors herein to Latting Carpenter, Samuel W. Weeks and Charles B. Dayton, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Middle Island, by deed dated the twentieth day of July, one thousand eight hundred sixty-four, recorded in the Suffolk County Clerk's Office, Liber 128 of Deeds, page 326, to which deed and the record there of reference is herein had for a more particular description of the property thereby conveyed and herein expected.

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