77th Division- Record of Events

77th Division
Order of Battle
of the
United States Land Forces
in the
World War

MAR 27, 1918

Aug 5, the War Department establishes the 77th Div, National Army, which is to be organized at Camp Upton, Yaphank, NY; drafts aggregating 42,000, anticipated for 1917 from New York City and the adjoining counties, are designed to furnish personnel. Aug 13, the organization of DHQ is directed, and its commissioned personnel is ordered to report on or before Aug 15. Aug 16, the Commanding General of Camp Upton is directed to organize the Div in accordance with the Tables of Organization of Aug 8, 1917. Aug 18, Maj Gen J. Franklin Bell assumes command. Aug 25, the program for the movement of selective service men to camps is announced. During the last week in Aug. the organization begins from a cadre of officers and men of the Regular Army and from ORC and NA officers of the First. Officers Training Camp at Plattsburg. Sept 10, the initial draft of 2,000 selective service men arrives at camp. Sept 19-24, an additional 19,000 arrive. In Sept systematic training begins. Oct 31, the Div numbers about 23,000. During Nov. the many transfers, in spite of a fresh draft of 750, reduce the Div to less than 18,000. Dec. 5-10, the last drafts of 1917 furnish the camp with 8,500. Dec. 31, the strength again reaches 23,000. During the winter, fresh drafts are received from Camp Devens, and other places; 4,500 are transferred from the Div during Jan. and Feb; in March new arrivals complete the Div. March 22, the Adv Det sails from New York and arrives, Mar 31, at Liverpool.


Mar 28, Div moves to the ports of embarkation of Boston, Brooklyn, Hoboken, New York, and Portland. Mar 29-Apr 16, Div (less Arty, 302d Sup Tn, 302d Am Tn, 308th Amb Co, and 308th F Hosp) sails, and arrives, Apr 12-28, at Liverpool. Apr 23-26, 152d FA Brig, 302d Am Tn, 302d Sup Tn, and 308th Amb Co sail, and arrive, May 2-6, at Brest. May 13, the last element of the Div, 308th F Hosp, arrives at St-Nazaire. The units in England, after a brief stay in rest camps, proceed to Calais.


Apr 15-June 5, Training with the British in Picardy and Artois. Apr 15-May 4, Div less Arty, 302d Sup Tn, and 308th F Hosp) moves to the Eperlecques and Recques Training Areas, where it is attached to the Br 39th Div (Br Second Army) for training. [Apr 15-June 12, Div is under the administrative control of the II Corps.] May 7,152d FA Brig and 302dAm Tn move to Camp de Souge for training. May 13, 154th Inf Brig moves to the vicinity of Couturelle and trains with the Br 2d and Br 42d Divs (Br Third Army) with a view to its employment along the support line between Marieux and Pas, east of Doullens, in case of hostile attack. June 6, Div (less Arty, Sup Tn, and 308th F Hosp) moves to entraining stations, the 153d Inf Brig, from the Br Second Army, marching to vicinity of Hesdin, the 154th Inf Brig, from the Br Third Army, marching to vicinity of Longpre-les-Corps-Saints. June 9, Div (less detached units) moves to the vicinity of Rambervillers. in the Vosges in the area of the Fr Eighth Army. [June 12-21, Div is under the administrative control of the I Corps.] June 14, 302d Sup Tn rejoins. June 19, Div (less Arty and 308th F Hosp) moves to the Baccarat Sector.

June 21-July 15, Div participates in the occupation of the Baccarat Sector (Lorraine). June 21, troops of the 77th Div, affiliated with the Fr 61st Div, enter the front line of the sector, which includes the subsectors of Badonviller, Ste-Pole, Montigny and La Blette, and extends from a point 2-1/2 km northeast of Pierre-Percee, through Neuviller-les-Badonviller and Ancerviller, to a point on the Vezouse River 1-1/2 km northeast of Herbeviller. On this date the command of the sector passes from the 42d Div to the Fr 61st Div; local actions follow. [June 21-Aug 8, Div is under the administrative control of the IV Corps.] June 24, 308th F Hosp rejoins. July 8-18, 152d FA Brig and 302d Am Tn rejoin.

July 16-Aug 4, Div occupies the Baccarat Sector (Lorraine). July 16, 77th Div assumes command of the Baccarat Sector and the Fr 61st Div begins to withdraw. Aug 4, 37th Div relieves the 77th Div. Aug 6, Div moves from the vicinity of Charmes to the vicinity of Fere-en-Tardenois in the zone of the Fr Sixth Army. Aug 11, Div move toward the front.

Aug 12-17, Div occupies the Vesle Sector (Champagne). Aug 12, Div relieves the 4th Div and part of the Fr 62d Div in the Vesle Sector from the Chateau du Diable, along the railroad north of the Vesle River, the slopes east and north of St-Thibaut, to the railroad north of la Graviere; 28th Div on right, Fr 62d Div (Fr XI Corps) on left. Night Aug 13/14, the Div extends its front to the western edge of Fismettes, relieving troops of the 28th Div. Aug 15, Fr 164th Div is on the left. Aug 18, the sector occupation merges into the Oise-Aisne Operation.

Aug 18-Sept 16, Div participates in the Oise-Aisne Operation. Aug 18-Sept 3, the Fr Sixth Army attacks the enemy positions north of the Vesle River. The Div establishes bridgeheads north of the river near the Chateau du Diable and Bazoches. Aug 21, Div occupies Tannerie, and, on Aug 22, captures the Chateau du Diable. Aug 27, 2d Bn 306th Inf raids Bazoches from the southwest, and retires to its original position before a hostile counterattack. Night Sept 2/3, Div extends its sector toward the right to include Fismes. Night Sept 3/4, the enemy begins his withdrawal to prepared positions north of the Aisne. Sept 4, Div advances, crosses the Vesle, and reaches an east and west line from Grotte to les Terres -Noires, southwest of Perles. Sept 5, Div captures Merval and Serval and, further west, reaches a line from Barbonval (excl) to Pierre Laroche, captures Longueval, and occupies les Champs-Ste-Macre. Sept 6, Div reaches a line from a point east of la Butte do Bourmont to Villers-en-Prayeres (incl), thence along the road connecting Villers-en-Prayeres and Vieil-Arcy, to the Ruines-du-Tordoir (excl); patrols cross the Aisne Canal. Night Sept 7/8, Fr 62d Div relieves the 28th Div on the right; Fr 164th Div (Fr III Corps) is on the left. Sept 7-14, several attacks gain some ground in the direction of Glennes and Revillon and also toward the Aisne. Night Sept 11/12, the sector is reduced when the Fr 164th Div relieves the 306th Inf west of the Bois de Mauchamp. Nights of Sept 14/15 and 15/16, the Italian 8th Div relieves the Div. Sept 16, the command passes to the Italian 8th Div, and the 77th Div moves, via Epernay and Chalons-sur-Marne, to the area of the Fr Second Army near Givry-en-Argonne. Sept 19, Div (less Arty and trains) moves to the vicinity of Le Neufour, Florent, and Les Islettes. Nights Sept 19/20 and 20/21, Div (less Arty and trains) relieves the Fr 120th Div in the Foret d'Argonne.

Sept 21-25, Div occupies the Foret d'Argonne Sector (Lorraine). The Div reorganizes this sector which extends from Pierre-Croisee, through Courtechaussee and Le Four de Paris, to 1 km north of La Harazee. Night Sept 23/24, the artillery and trains enter the sector.

Sept 26-Nov 11, Div participates in the Meuse-Argonne Operation. Sept 26, Div, on the left of the I Corps, attacks toward Grandpre and advances about 2 km; the 28th Div is on the right; the 368th Inf (92d Div), as part of a Franco-American liaison detachment of the Groupement Durand between the First and Fr Fourth Armies, is on the left. Sept 27-Oct 1, a series of attacks through the Bois de la Grurie establishes a line from a point southwest of le Chene Tondu, through the Bois de la Naza, to 1 km east of Binarville. Sept 30, Fr 1st Dismounted Cavalry Div (Fr XXXVIII Corps, Fr Fourth Army) is on the left. Oct 2, the left of the Div attacks; the 1st Bn 308th Inf, assisted by elements of the 307th Inf and 306th MG Bn, penetrates the enemy position between the Bois de laBuironne and the Moulin de Charlevaux, but is surrounded. Oct 7, Div advances and reestablishes connection with this battalion. Oct 8, Div reaches the Rau des Noues in the Bois de Chatel, and the front now extends from 2-km southwest of Chetel-Chehery to Etang de Poligny. Oct 9, Div pursues the retreating enemy, passes through the Bois des Quatrains and Bois de Langon, and reaches a line from 1 1/4 km south of La Besogne to the south slope of Hill 209; 82dDivon right. Oct 10, the enemy retreats to positions north of the Aire River; the Div pursues and reaches a line from Mareq (excl), through the southern limits of Chevieres, to 1 km south of Grand- pre; Fr 71st Div (Fr XXXVIII Corps, Fr Fourth Army) on the left. Oct .11-13, local actions occur. Oct 14, Div captures St-Juvin. Oct 15, Div changes direction from the north to the northwest, and the left of the Div closes in on the Aire River. Night Oct 15/16, 78th Div begins the relief of the 77th Div. Oct 16, 1st Bn 307th Inf enters Grandpre, but units of the 78th Div complete its occupation. Oct 16-30, Div is concentrated near Pylone and Camp de Bouzon in corps reserve; rehabilitation. Oct 31-Nov 1, elements of the Div reenter the front line and relieve part of the 82d Div from the Ravin aux Pierres to the northwestern slope of C6te 182 north of St-Juvin. Nov 1, Div attacks north and reaches the high ground along the road 1 km east of Champigneulle, and, on the left, to beyond the Agron River astride the road from Champigneulle to St-Juvin; 80th Div on right, 78th Div on left. Night Nov 1/2, the enemy withdraws to the north. Nov 2, Div pursues, captures Champigneulle, and passes through Verpel, Thenorgues, and Harricourt. Nov 3, it passes through Autruche, Fontenoy, and St-Pierremont, and on Nov 4, occupies Oches. Nov 5, Div occupies La Berliere, Stonne and La Besace; its front now extends from La Besace (incl), to south edge o Bois de Raucourt, thence along the road to les- Huttes -d'Ogny Fme; 42d Div is now on the left. Nov 6, Div resumes the pursuit northeast in the direction of the Meuse, establishes connection with the 1st Div (V Corps), which replaced the 80th Div on the right, and reaches the heights of the Meuse between Bois de Pourron and Chamblage Fme, with patrols at Villers-devant-Mouzon and Remilly-sur-Meuse. Nov 7, Div holds the line of the Meuse from Rouffy to Reniffly-sur-Meuse, and advances its right to crest of Mont-de-Brune and east slope of Hill 275; 2d Div (V Corps) on right. Nov 8, Div front is now along the Meuse from opposite Mouzon to Remilly-sur-Meuse. Nov 9-10, Div relieves the 42d Div, occupies the entire corps front, and establishes connection with the Fr 150th Inf (Fr 40th Div, Fr. IX Corps, Fr Fourth Army) east of Pont-Maugis. Nov 10-11, Div holds the line of the Meuse from Mouzon (excl) to Pont -Maugis (excl).


Nov 12, Div is relieved of part of its front by the Fr 48th Div, and moves to the vicinity of Sommauthe, Vaux-on-Dieulet, and La Besace. Nov 14, Div assumes command of the entire front of the V Corps, relieving troops of the 2d and 89th Divs, and engages in the enforcement of armistice terms, salvage, and training. Nov 17, the outpost positions of the 77th Div on east bank of the Meuse pass to the 90th Div. Nov 20-24, Div Oess Arty) moves to Les Islettes Area; the 152d FA Brig and 302d Am Tn move to the vicinity of Grandpr4. Nov 26-Dec 5, Div moves to the 9th (Chateauvillain) Training Area.

Feb 7, Div moves to Le Mans Area, American Embarkation Center. Feb 9, 302d TM Btry sails from Brest. Apr 14, Div moves to Brest. Apr 17, DHQ, _Hq 153d Inf Brig, and 306th Inf sail. May 6, the last troops arrive at New York City. The demobilization at Camp Upton, on May 9, includes: DHQ, Hq 153d Inf Brig, Hq 154th Inf Brig, and Hq 152d FA Brig.


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