Area Can Boast Proudly of Rich Historic Past

Footnotes to Long Island History

SEPT 29 1966 


Thomas R. Bayles

      This account of the Moriches bay area history is the start of a series of articles which will view the past present and future of the area Mr. Bayles' articles which appears below tells of those who played a part in the beginning of the area later articles will cover those now engage in the current growth of the area and the part these  effort will play in its future.

         Hasley's Manor was a territory of about 14,000 acres bounded on the north by Peconic River on the west by Brookfield on the south by the Moriches patentship and the east by the Town of Southampton This land was included in the col. William Smith patent of 1697 and was sold by major William Henry Smith to Isaac Halsey of Southampton in 1716. Hasley's Manor was under the political jurisdiction of the Manor of St. George until about the time of the Revolution, when it was annexed to the town of Brookhaven.

       South of Hasley's Manor and surrounded by the Manor of St George, except on the east where it joined Southampton Town, was the independent patentship of Moriches. The earliest purchased from the Indians in this section was made by Dr. Henry Taylor and Major Thomas Willets of Flushing and Capt. Thomas Townsend of Oyster Bay when they purchased from the Indian John Mayhew the neck called  Watshauge in 1679. This was called Watchogue and contains the eastern section of East Moriches.

       The land lying between Terrell's River and Mastic River was taken up by the settler at an early period as early as 1703. Samuel Terrell was in possession of a neck called Warratta, lying on the west side of the river named in his honor. His possession of that land was acknowledged by Col. William Smith, and he appears to have been an active pioneer in the purchased and improvement of land. In 1738 he was admitted by the trustees of the town as a proprietor and tenant in common. The manor of St. George, Brookfield, Hasley's Manor and the Moriches patentship were annexed to the Town of Brookhaven about the time of the Revolution, and in 1797 the trustees ordered that a survey of town and a map should be made by Isaac Hulse who was then clerk of the town.

       A large tract of land on the south side, extending east from the Connecticut River to the Mastic River and north to the middle of the island was purchased by Col. William Smith from the Indians in 1691. This also included the Great South Bay the islands in it and the ocean beach and was known as the Manor of St. George. A patent for this immense tract was issued by Gov. Fletcher in 1693, and Col. Smith later purchased most of the land east to the Southampton town line at Eastport for which he received a patent from Gov. Fletcher in 1697

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