If you know of any Veteran who served during the Vietnam War and was a Longwood resident at the time please contact us

We are planning to dedicate a Vietnam Memorial at Bartlett Pond Park in June 2010. We would like to be able to put on the names of those who served from our community.
[email protected]

Veteran's Form

Accardi, Bernard Army Yaphank
Accardi, Patrick
Albers, Gregory Army
Amos, Edward Air Force
Bayles, Arthur Navy
Bello, Robert
Bostick, George
Brown, Larry
Carpenter, Ben Gordon Heights
Christ, Arthur
Coleman, John Army Ridge 82nd ABN Division
Colson, Malcolm

Dankievitch, John

Navy Coram
Delli Bovi, Jerome Coram
Dietzel, Thomas
Dowling, James
Drell, Dennis A
Duchnowski, Dennis
Eagle, William
Elliby, John
Ennis, Gregory W
Farrell, Thomas
Ferguson, William Air Force Middle Island
Flood, William
Fingar, Thomas Army Middle Island
Fogus, John
Freeborn, Richard
Fritz, Kenneth
Gatland, Alvin
Granelle, Amedee



Died December 6th, 1968 in Long An, South Vietnam
Goldhorn, LeRoy Yaphank
Hansen, Thomas Navy
Heins, Charles
Hettrick, David Army Yaphank
Higgins, John
Hiller, Donald
Heins, Charles
Hoelzer, Robert
Hough, Robert Coram
Hughes, Richard,
Marines Ridge.
Hughes, Terry Army Ridge
Jackson, John
Jurgens, William Air Force Coram
Kane, Alfred
Karre, John
King, William
King, Steven
Krausse, Roy
LaFlair, Jay
LaFlair, John
Lantonio, William
LaSauce, Herbert Air Force Yaphank
LaSauce, Kathleen Air Force Yaphank
Larrie, Booker T
Lee, Richard
Lewin, Edward
Lopez, Gabe Navy
Malerba, Nicholas Ridge
Mapes, Kenneth
Mauritsen, Roy Air Force Yaphank
McLaughlin, Thomas Navy
Meisenzahl, Fred
Miller, Thaddeus
Miley, Michael
Miller, Woody
Mirando, John
Mouzakes, John Navy Middle Island
Mouzakes, Richard Middle Island
Nelson, George Navy USS James K. Polk SSBN645
Neuss, William



Died October 11th, 1967 in Quang Tri, South Vietnam
Nolan, Thomas
Norbury, Joseph
Nowaski, Jack
Oeding, Albert
Olin, Charles
Paquette, Mike Coram
Paquette, William Coram
Partlow, Dave
Partlow, Fred
Partlow, Kenneth
Paskowski, Robert
Penna, Ronald
Petrick, Mike Air Force
Powers, James
Pressley, James
Protosow, John
Rappold, Carl Yaphank
Reany, Phillip Army Middle Island
Rector, Jack
Reth, Thomas
Richards, Donald J.


Gordon Heights

Died September 21st, 1967 in Quang Tri, South Vietnam
Roesler, James
Roy, Les Navy
Rupolo, Michael
Schlacter, Richard
Sheridan, James
Spence, Roger M. Army Gordon Heights
Sullivan, Joseph Marines
Seguine, Bradley
Seguine, Clifford
Sanfilippo, Steven Navy Ridge
Schecter, Larry
Stattler, Richard
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, David
Thomas, Maurice
Tomaszewski, Walter
Turpin, George Gordon Heights
Turpin, Gil Army Yaphank
Van Noy, Irving Army Gordon Heights 101st Airborne Division
Vincent, Richard
Walters, Harry Ridge
Whigham, Keith Gordon Heights
Wilgeroth, William
Wittschack, John
Wittschack, Fred
Woodbury, Richard Army Gordon Heights
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