Civil War

The following is a listing of local men who served during the American Civil War. We are in the process of compiling information on each man who served. We hope to have a biography of each soldier by January. If you have any information, stories, or pictures of these individuals, please e-mail us.

The biographies below were constructed by using the following information

  • National Archive pension and military files

  • Regimental Histories

  • Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

  • Library of Congress

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Oakley, James M. 12th NY / 159th NY
Henderson, Peter 47th NY
Davis, Samuel Navy Died on board USS Kearsarge
Overton, Elisha 11th NY Cavalry
Wilson, Albert 145th NY
Hopkins, Thomas 57th NY Prisoner
Oakley, Oscar 139th NY Wounded at Cold Harbor, Virginia
Elsebough, John 139th NY/5th NY Heavy Artillery
Carter, Ichabod 133rd NY
Davis, Albert 133rd NY
Homan, William 57th NY Wounded/prisoner
Homan, Richard 2nd NY Cavalry Prisoner
Howell, Charles 2nd NY Cavalry Died in Confederate prison
Albin, Thomas 2nd NY Cavalry
Wendeling, Edward 2nd NY Cavalry
Albin, Samuel 2nd NY Cavalry
Albin, George 2nd NY Cavalry
Albin, William 2nd NY Cavalry
Whitbeck, Franklin 158th NY
Darrow, Samuel 48th NY Wounded
Jenkins, Horace 173rd NY
Jenkins, David 47th NY Militia
Higgins, Smith 132nd NY
Dayton, Smith Navy
Hanley, Martin 57th NY
Middle Island
Ritch, Sidney 127th NY
Monsell, Nathaniel 10th CT
Monsell, Alexander 65th NY Died in Service
Murther, John 15th NY Lt Art
Harris, James 15th NY Lt Art Wounded
Hassenger, Christopher 15th NY Lt Art Prisoner
Overton, Joel 15th NY Lt Art
Nichols, James 165th NY Died in Service
Nichols, Floyd 159th NY Died of wounds
Hallock, John 11th NY Cavalry
Downs, James 162nd NY Died in Service
L’Hommedieu, James 127th NY
Van Cowan, Peter 139th NY Prisoner
Bayles, Edward 139th NY Killed in action
Bayles, Albert 139th NY Killed in action
Wier, Joseph 176th NY Prisoner
Hutchinson, Elbert 127th NY
Good, James 127th NY
Topping, Albert Navy
Topping, Gardiner Navy Wounded
Randall, Joseph Christian Commission Drowned off Hilton Head
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