Judge Neuss’ Letter to the Editor of the Island News.

May 20, 1938

Reader’s Opinion


Editor Island News


I have your editorial in the Island News relative to the Nazi camp in Yaphank and the statement made by one of the Bund members that they had concentrated on me in the last election with the one purpose of defeating me, and that if I run for office again they will AGAIN DEFEAT ME.  Also that I had started when I tried to drive them out of Yaphank, and that they were going to finish it.

What a fine thing it is when an organization of mostly aliens can influence American citizens to vote against a candidate who demands that those who have accepted citizenship from our great country live up to the oath they took when they were made citizens.  It is the fact that a number of people have accepted citizenship to their insane ravings that make them so conceited.  Do they for one minute think that they have me licked?  Have they the idea that I have been asleep since they boasted that they had defeated me?  I have the satisfaction of seeing the feeling against them grow by leaps and bounds (since I first denounced them as an organization of lawbreakers) to the point at present where every patriotic organization and person against them.  I cannot speak to people any more but what the conversation eventually switches to the Nazis.

Are these people such fools that they do not realize the feeling that is fast mounting to the point where, if our authorities do not act against them, there is likely to be violence done?  When they talk about finishing something I started they want to be on their toes, for they are going to find our that I will do my own finishing.  The thing that has made them so arrogant is the fact that at the start they were catered to by politicians who now realize they have A BULL BY THE TAIL AND CANT LET GO.

Incidentally, Mr. Ernst Miller, who signed the Weber and Field letter addressed to me as a public letter to Justice of the Peace Gustave Neuss, and of which copies were distributed at a number of political meetings, did not date to vote, although registered in Yaphank.

It was his first vote after becoming a citizen, and the enrollment list shows that he did not vote, although the camp property was recorded in his name as owner.

They brag about the work they did to help defeat me.  Sure they did plenty.  But what is the reaction?  Everyone now in German birth or extraction is being classed as Nazi.  Numbers are fine, outstanding Germans were approached with the argument that Neuss was opposed to all Germans and all things German, and that with the fine, honest German parents I had were respected by every one. 

However, a number of these same fine Germans were influenced by this propaganda and acted accordingly.  Now that the Nazi situation has been brought out in the limelight, the feeling is different.  At the same time there is a feeling against all Germans on the part of others that grows stronger every day.  And all because of the actions of these aliens. 

It wont be long before merchants supplying the camp will find their other customers dropping away from them.  There are several tradesman from Patchogue dealing with the Nazis who will probably feel this resentment of the public.  We have people in Yaphank who patronize the camps bar and restaurant who are coming in for caustic comment as a result. 

As I have repeatedly stated, we have a breed of Germans who have grown up since the World War whose ego is so developed they feel they can conquer the world.  When the next war takes place they will have to be whipped so badly they will n3ever recover.

In last Saturday’s Eagle Secretary Ickes was censured for not permitting helium gas to be sold to Germany for Zeppelins.  The argument is that the gas could be used for nothing else.  What about observation balloons, and haven’t we had enough experience with Germany and Hitler on treaties to know they mean nothing to them?

The Hitlerites announce they are going to fight to a finish.  Good!  So am I.  Let’s see who wins out.

Gustave Neuss

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