Overton, Mordecai

from Yaphank As It Is and Was
Beecher Homan

Mr. Overton was born in Coram, May 26, 1797, and died at Yaphank, November 17,1866. He was, according to mathematical exactness, 69 years!

Mordecai was an ingenious man, and noted as successful watch and clock repairer. He was a son of the "illustrious" John Overton, and brother of the "immortal" James.


The Overtons are an almost innumerable race, and their names appear conspicuously at every point of the compass. They are a class that have become more remarkable for number than illustrious deeds or virtues, and Mordecai was a fair representative of the "great whole."

I know of none that begot criminals, or eminent for innate greatness; in the language of the Englishman, they "are about arf and arf." It can be safely declared that the race never will do much damage by the impetuosity of family ambitions, or much nation benefit by statesmanly greatness.

Mordecai lived in Yaphank many years, and was universally considered an honorable, ingenious and inoffensive man; a pleasant neighbor and companion.

Mr. Overton was a remarkable inventor in his humble way, and constructed many things of decided merit. He invented the famous crank augur now in use in very shipyard in the country. He also invented the combination shovel, for digging cellars, cisterns, wells, etc. None of these were patented, and, like nearly every other inventor, Mr. Overton died poor. 

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