Gerard, Robert H

from Yaphank As It Was and Is
Beecher Homan



There will always be a niche in the history of Yaphank' s benevolent, Christian men, for Hawkins Gerard. It may truly be said of him that he has taught many to do good, but not one to sin. Ever the same unostentations, energetic man, he has pushed steadily forward, and rolled up an ample fortune-a deserved recompense for perseverance and exclusive attention to business. His life has been exemplary. A fitting guiding star for all young men to keep in view.


Coalesced in partnership with William Sidney Smith, Mr. Gerard established a woolen factory in combination with his milling business. A crisis in financial circles, and the abdication of Robert Russell, the manager, caused a, suspension.

Prelusory movements have since originated to remodel it into a cotton factory, and why the project never matured the originators solely know.

It would, certainly, embellish the physical condition of the village, benefit its inhabitants, and prove a remuneration worthy its establishment.

In the rooms, whose walls should ring with the enlivening din of trade, and a cheerful array of contented laborers be seen, are piled hundreds of feet of lumber, and grim silence reigns supreme within its empty corridors.

In addition to his other business, Mr. Gerard has a large lumber yard. It was a necessity long unsupplied until he founded the indispensable convenience.

His Early Life

Hawkins Gerard was born in Fire Place, Brookhaven. He wooed and won the hand of Miss Fanny Hawkins, a daughter of a fellow-townsman, Rev. Nathaniel Hawkins. It is certain be has never had cause to regret the choice of his life's companion.

While yet immature in years he came to live with his uncle, Robert Hawkins, in Yaphank, and in the old red mill a miniature structure he mastered the trade that has since proved a fortune.

The original mill possessed less than one-third capacity of the present, and soon after Mr. Gerard became possessor it was torn down, and a much larger one built upon the old site.


Mr. Gerard is warm-hearted, genial, and noble- spirited. He is popular with our citizens generally; with all classes, and all sects. Sociable in his friendship, he is regarded as a fast and true friend.

In years, lie has reached the apex of man's allotted sojourn on earth; and the iron hand of time is falling with withering effect as he advances in years.

In person, lie is thick-set and stocky. In his years of prime he was powerful, with great enduring powers. He has a pleasant phiz. A perfect model of the "Old School."

Ever considerate in his public and private life, he has gathered never-fading laurels upon the mantle of a. well spent career.

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