Responsibilities and Guidelines

Responsibilities of the Board

The Board of Education is the official policy-making body of the school district. It is the board's responsibility to:

Establish policies for the operation of the district.
Set goals and develop a vision for the district.
Build community support and promote understanding of public education.
Develop academic standards based on high expectations.
Hire a superintendent of schools.
Take action on matters only after consulting with the superintendent.
Attract and retain excellent staff members.
Work to ensure that there are necessary funds for the district, maintaining a balance between needs and resources.How to Publicly Address the Board of Education

The Board of Education has set aside an opportunity for members of the community to share comments or ask questions at Board of Education meetings. The information below is provided to answers your questions.

Who may speak to the Board of Education?

Residents of the district may speak at Board meetings. Non-residents may address the Board with their consent.

What is the procedure?

If you are speaking on an agenda item, fill out a green card, indicating your area of concern and the agenda item. You must submit the card to the District Clerk, prior to the item being discussed by the Board.  Your comment will be heard prior to any board discussion on the item.  Once the discussion has begun, additional green cards will not be accepted. The Board president will recognize you when they reach the item on the agenda.

If you are addressing a concern that is not on the agenda, fill out a yellow card. List your topic on the bottom of the card and submit it to the District Clerk prior to Citizens Speak.  

Is there a limit on how long I may speak?

Yes. Limit your comments to a maximum of three (3)minutes due to the heavy schedule of the Board. Comments will be timed on the screen and a bell will sound once the three (3) minute mark is reached.

Are there any limitations on the topics I may address?

Yes. No one may initiate complaints or charges against an individual employee of the district, or challenge instructional materials used in our schools. You will be interrupted if you use a student's name or the name of any employee in your complaints.

While we understand that some issues may be emotional, defamatory or abusive remarks will not be tolerated.

Will I receive a response from the Board on my concern?

Yes, if a response is required, however, not at the meeting. Your concern will be researched and you will receive a response from the administration or the Board.

How can I find out what is on the agenda?

You may register with the District Clerk to receive an agenda by e-mail.

If you have additional questions, or wish to register for agendas, contact District Clerk Lillian Pizzolo at 631-345-2795 or e-mail at [email protected]

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