Safety Awareness

                           2021-2022 BOE SAFETY AWARENESS COMMITTEE



CENTRAL OFFICE RESOURCE:  Robert Hagan, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources


The Safety Committee has, as its primary function, responsibility for reviewing current safety programs and procedures utilized by the district as well as those available from other sources in order to insure that the best possible approaches for safety are employed. Through an analysis of district data, as well as state and national trends, programs and procedures may be recommended that will respond to emerging student and community needs. Recognizing that the school, the home and the community at large are interdependent, this committee will strive to develop recommendations and share information that will strengthen this alliance. Each year, at least one recommendation will be developed and forwarded to the BOE and administration for possible implementation in the subsequent year.

The Board has the sole power to dissolve this committee and shall reserve the right to exercise this power at any time during the life of this committee.

ROLE: Advisory

The Board will give consideration to all recommendations, although final action and responsibility shall remain with the Board.


1.To review and access the district’s current safety programs and practices.
2.To explore safety programs and practices from outside the district, as needed.
3.To recommend to the BOE ways to communicate with parents and community residents regarding school safety.
4.To develop recommendations designed to enhance the district’s school safety program.
5.To identify specific meeting dates for the school year at the first meeting in the fall and provide a schedule to the BOE.
6.To make recommendations about whether the BOE must create or modify any policies.
7.To report periodically to the BOE.


The committee shall be comprised of those individuals appointed prior to the second meeting with no restrictions on the number of participants. However, the committee must be comprised of at least two (2) adults representing each school site for a minimum of 14 people on the committee. At least one (1) person representing each school site shall be a parent or guardian of a child enrolled at that school site, or community member, and shall not be an employee of the district. In addition, the committee may include two (2) student representatives from the Senior HS and two (2) student representatives from the Junior HS.

The composition of the committee shall be broadly representative and shall take into consideration the specific functions assigned to the committee. The committee shall include a cross section of community, employee bargaining units, parent-teacher organizations, high school and junior high school government representation in order to present a variety of viewpoints. All members, except bargaining unit representatives, must be residents of the district.

A. Length of Service: The committee members will serve from the time of their appointment until the end of the school year, or until the committee is discharged.

B.Appointment: Committee members will be appointed by the BOE at a public meeting. The appointments will be made on an annual basis.

C.Central Office Resource: Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, a central office administrator will serve as a resource person to the committee and assist in obtaining information.

D.Attendance: Committee member attendance will be taken at every meeting and recorded in the minutes. All members will receive a letter of appreciation from the BOE at the end of the school year. Those members who have attended more than 50% of the meetings during the year will also be awarded a certificate of recognition at a public meeting of the Longwood BOE.

E.Committee Chair: The Board Representative shall serve as Chair for any meeting where the Board appointed Committee Chair is unavailable. Should there be a scheduled meeting when neither the Board Chair nor Board Representative are available, the Board Chair shall contact the Board President to determine availability to act as Committee Chairperson for that session.

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