2021-22 BOE POLICY COMMITTEE

BOARD CHAIRPERSON:   Penelope J. Blizzard-McGrath, Esq.


CENTRAL OFFICE RESOURCE: James Crenshaw, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction & Learning


The Policy Committee has as its primary function the task of assisting the Board of Education (BOE) with the development of policies to guide the overall operations of the district. These policies represent the district’s position pertaining to the structure and role of community relations (Series 1000), administration (Series 2000), fiscal management (Series 3000), personnel (Series 4000), students (Series 5000), instruction (Series 6000), leasing and construction (Series 7000) and the Board of Education (Series 8000).

Nothing herein prohibits the BOE from action on its own to adopt, modify or abolish any policy. The Board has the sole power to dissolve this committee and shall reserve the right to exercise this power at any time during the life of this committee.

ROLE: Advisory

The Board will give consideration to all recommendations, although final action and responsibility shall remain with the Board.


1.To examine and update current policies.

2.To determine new areas for policy development.

3.To research the legality of issues surrounding policy development.

4.To ascertain resources and references which support the development of new policies.

5.To identify specific meeting dates for the 2018-19 school year at the first meeting in the fall and provide a schedule to the BOE.


In an effort to elicit points of view from varied segments of the Longwood community, the composition of the committee shall consist of the following members:

Chairperson: BOE MemberMITA: (1) representative
Board of Education: (1) representativeCSEA: (1) representative
MIAA: (1) representativePTA: (1) representative
Community: (4) representativesStudents: (1) Senior – voting
(1)Junior – non-voting

All members, except bargaining unit representatives, must be residents of the district. If more than four community residents apply, selection shall be made by a random draw. If any appointed member cannot complete their service on the Committee, the Chairperson may draw another prospective member from the original drawing and submit that name for Board appointment to complete the term. In addition, the Chairperson has the option to choose one additional community member from the prior year.

A. Length of Service: The committee members will serve from the time of their appointment until the end of the school year, or until the Committee is discharged.

B.Appointment: Committee members will be appointed by the BOE at a public meeting. The appointments will be made on an annual basis.

C.Central Office Resource: Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, a central office administrator will serve as a resource person to the committee and assist in obtaining information.

D.Attendance: Committee member attendance will be taken at every meeting and recorded in the minutes. All members will receive a letter of appreciation from the BOE at the end of the school year. Those members who have attended more than 65% of the meetings during the year will also be awarded a certificate of recognition by the Longwood BOE at the end of the school year.

E.Committee Chair: The Board Representative shall serve as Chair for any meeting where the Board appointed Committee Chair is unavailable. Should there be a scheduled meeting when neither the Board Chair nor Board Representative are available, the Board Chair shall contact the Board President to determine availability to act as Committee Chairperson for that session.

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