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All Longwood Central School District schools base their science curriculum and instruction on the New
York State Standards. Vertical alignment of our schools’ curriculum ensures that there is a continuum of
learning throughout all grade levels, which supports personal growth and the development of skills by
all learners. The science standards integrate literacy and math to support learning and to emphasize the
need for all students to acquire transferable skills across curriculum. In our schools, students will have
the opportunity to study earth science, biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy and ecology, as well as a
variety of other science elective topics. Students will study their local environment while developing the
skills to address global scientific challenges and discoveries. Many of our science courses will offer
hands-on science lab experiences that will have students working collaboratively to draw conclusions
from what they have observed and the data that they have collected. Skills acquired in our science
courses are valuable and transferable to both the college and career settings.

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