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College and Career Pathways

Academies of Longwood High School 

The mission of The Academies of Longwood High School is to empower students to be the authors, navigators, and implementers of their personal college and career plan, by raising students’ motivation and providing focus to the program of study that reflects their talents, aspirations and interests. 

Dual enrollment courses:

Through partnerships with local colleges and universities, Longwood School District is able to offer dual credit programs that enable students to be enrolled in their high school and a college program at the same time. Students must meet any requirements specified by their school and partner institution in order to be eligible for dual enrollment. Qualified students may enroll in select dual credit classes at participating institutions while maintaining their high school status. Dual enrolled students can then apply their earned credits to fulfill both high school graduation requirements and postsecondary degree requirements, getting a jump-start on earning a degree while earning their diploma. 

Click this link for information on the Longwood High School Credit Offerings