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Three Board Members Earn Achievement Awards Through NYSSBA

Three Board Members Earn Achievement Awards Through NYSSBA

In recognition of their extensive time and effort in continuing to expand their knowledge and skills for better board governance, three of our dedicated Board members were honored at the May 9 meeting for earning achievement awards from the New York State School Board Association.

"One of the most essential facets of board service is constantly learning," said Superintendent Dr. Lohman. "On top of serving as a volunteer, wanting to do more to ensure you're the best board member possible is truly commendable. I'm honored to recognize our board members who have continued with our long history of educating ourselves to be leaders in board service."  

Congratulations to: 

  • Board President Victoria Molloy, Board Mastery Award Level 3 
  • Penelope J. Blizzard-McGrath, Esq., Lifetime Achievement Award Level 4 
  • Gina Pozzolano Gebbia, Achievement Award Level 1 

To earn achievement awards, Board members earn points for participating in NYSSBA training opportunities, including the Annual Convention and regional workshops, and for taking on board-related roles such as Board President and NYSSBA's Advocacy Liaison.


 Photo l-r: Vice President Daniel Tomaszewski, President Victoria Molloy, Members Penelope J. Blizzard-McGrath, Esq., and Gina Pozzolano Gebbia, and Superintendent Dr. Lohman.