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Superintendent Dr. Lohman Speaks at School Bus Safety Initiative

Superintendent Dr. Lohman Speaks at School Bus Safety Initiative

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lohman recently spoke at a press conference as part of a school bus safety initiative, reminding motorists to take extra precautions as they begin sharing the roads with school buses. 

Representing the Longwood Board of Education, Vice President Mr. Dan Tomaszewski was also recognized as being part of the Longwood Legislative Committee whose advocacy led to the legislation outfitting nearly all school buses in Suffolk County with cameras to hold motorists who pass stopped school buses accountable. A representative from BusPatrol noted that this program has resulted in a 40% reduction in instances in which motorists pass a stopped school bus.

"I could not be more proud of the work of our Longwood Legislative Committee members who heard the many concerns and shared stories from our parents and community members, and came together to advocate for positive change for our community and communities across our County and State," said Dr. Lohman.  "This is yet another shining example of the great things that are possible when we come together as a community and partner with our local agencies and government officials to make positive change that will have a lasting impact on our children and their families."

Dr. Lohman also highlighted the importance of our continued partnerships with the Suffolk County Police Department, Suffolk County Sheriff's Office, and our local legislators in keeping our students safe each and every day.