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Three Longwood Shining Stars Honored by SCOPE Education Services

Three Longwood Shining Stars Honored by SCOPE Education Services

Three members of our Longwood School community were selected as "Shining Stars" at the 23rd Annual SCOPE Education Services School District Awards dinner held on March 18, which honors distinguished individuals for their exemplary service to public education. 

  • School Board Service Award - Penelope J. Blizzard-McGrath, Esq., Board of Education Member
  • Teacher Service Award - Brian Leyhane, High School Math Teacher
  • Support Staff Award - Tom Murphy, School Lunch Manager 

Congratulations to our SCOPE Award recipients, and thank you for your service to the Longwood Central School District! 


Mrs. Blizzard-McGrath has been a dedicated member of the Board of Education since 2015, where she has made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to our schools, staff, and students. She has served as president and provided leadership on various community committees.

As the Principal Court Attorney for the NYS Court System, Mrs. Blizzard-McGrath utilizes her strong legislative advocacy skills to enhance student success and foster community connections. 

She has earned the prestigious Level 3 Board Mastery Award from NYSSBA for her ongoing knowledge of public education. Furthermore, she has been recognized as the Outstanding Woman in Law by Hofstra Law Center for Families and Children.

Mrs. Blizzard-McGrath remains a positive and influential presence in our schools, and her dedication and leadership are truly commendable.




Longwood High School math teacher Brian Leyhane is an exceptional teacher known for his unwavering dedication to the students, staff, and faculty of the community. 

As a facilitator at the Late Afternoon Program, he is committed to student success creating and maintaining an environment to keep students on track for graduation, and working closely with colleagues to guide students to success. Mr. Leyhane's passion for education is apparent in his willingness to assist students academically and behaviorally, offering after-school tutoring and mediation sessions. 

His collaboration with department chairs for professional development opportunities underscores his leadership, and his commitment to educational change reflects his ongoing dedication to continuous improvement. 

Since 2001, Mr. Leyhane has been an invaluable asset, and his achievements are a source of pride for the entire community.




School Lunch Manager Tom Murphy is dedicated to the nutritional health and betterment of the students of Longwood. Mr. Murphy has tirelessly searched for opportunities to provide healthy meals, implementing the Community Eligibility Provision Program to ensure that all students have daily access to a healthy breakfast and lunch. 

Throughout the pandemic, Mr. Murphy worked closely with his team to organize Grab and Go meals for students, even when schools were closed. To provide a smile, he colored Easter eggs to hand out during such a tremendously challenging time.

Mr. Murphy is working to redesign our school cafeterias which will foster our wonderful community's Pride, Spirit, and Heart. He is one of the shining stars of the Longwood Schools and has always gone above and beyond for our children.