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Longwood High School Students Earn NYS Seal of Biliteracy

Longwood High School Students Earn NYS Seal of Biliteracy

Congratulations to the 123 graduating seniors recently recognized for earning the New York State Seal of Biliteracy, with several earning the Seal in two languages!

With more than 43 world languages spoken at Longwood, the Seal acknowledges and communicates the value of diversity in our school community while recognizing our students who have demonstrated high levels of proficiency in multiple languages. 
Each student achieved proficiency, sharing their skills through coursework as well as a comprehensive presentation to a panel of judges. 

Longwood High School Assistant Principal Mrs. Conlon shared that the use of language builds bridges locally and globally.

"The diversity of languages and topics presented by the students speaks to the beauty of our diversity here in our Longwood community," stated Mrs. Conlon. "Each presentation is a product of diligence and determination to challenge yourself, explore the world around you, and enlighten others with your curiosity. The ability to do all this in not only your native language but in an additional language – or two – is nothing less than amazing and inspiring. I hope you will continue to use your languages to explore this world, learn more about topics that interest you, and help build bridges between people, countries, and communities so that we may all benefit from all this amazing world has to offer."