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Educators Recognized at Board of Education Tenure Presentation

Educators Recognized at Board of Education Tenure Presentation

Before the start of the November 11 Board meeting, the Longwood Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Lohman recognized and celebrated 33 newly-tenured teachers. 

"Achieving tenure is not an easy task, and each of you has worked very hard to earn this outstanding achievement," stated Dr. Lohman. "Congratulations, and thank you for your dedicated service to the students of the Longwood community."

Congratulations to:

Secondary Assistant Principal
Jamal Walcott
Cynthia Rodgers
Molly Schafer

Paulina Aenlle
Jessica Fiore
Georgia Gass
Timothy Gentile
Karen Hollingsworth
Erin Kostyrka
Brittany Mendes
Mary Merrihue
Lindsey Scuteri
Jamie Stitt

Physical Education and Health
Kelly Hemberger

Olivia Beate Kapuscinski

Lori Gabel
Desiree Wesley

Foreign Language
Emilio Sosa

Victoria Holborow

Megan Mancuso
Special Education
Shauna DeFeo
Joanna Dimitriou
Christine Perillo
Lauren White
Home Economics
Jenna Carr
Teaching Assistant
Jonathan DeFelice
Jason Holshoe
Susan Kosciuk
Kelsie Scofield
Christine Short