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Assistant Superintendent Dr. Vaughn Denton Selected as a Champion of Diversity

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Vaughn Denton Selected as a Champion of Diversity

Longwood School District’s Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel and Community Services, Dr. Vaughn Denton, was recently honored as a special guest of Legislator Caracappa at the April 9 General Meeting of the Suffolk County Legislature for being designated the Fourth Legislative District’s “Champion of Diversity” for his continuous work in recognizing and celebrating our school community’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence.

“I congratulate this year’s Fourth Legislative District’s Champion of Diversity recipient, Dr. Vaughn Denton,” said Legislator Caracappa. “Dr. Denton’s commitment and dedication to the youth of his community are critically important in promoting success in this diverse and dynamic world. By empowering, encouraging, and educating the youth, Dr. Denton’s inspiring methods are essential to formulating successful and bright futures.”
For the past 19 years, Dr. Denton has been pivotal in fostering opportunities for children, including My Brother’s Keeper and My Sister’s Keeper mentoring programs. His leadership in the District and support as part of the Community Connections Committee has led to the very successful MLK Unity Walk and Community Barbeques, which welcomes thousands of our community members each and every year. 

“Our school community benefits tremendously from Dr. Denton’s advocacy, leadership, and deep understanding and appreciation of others,” Superintendent of School Dr. Lance Lohman stated. “His positive impact is truly immeasurable and absolutely serves to empower Every One … Every Day.” 

Through his diverse experience, enthusiasm, and dedication to inspiring those around him, his presence significantly enhances our school community every day. 

“I’m deeply honored to have been chosen for this prestigious award, yet it’s essential to acknowledge the collaborative effort that goes into nurturing these initiatives and programs,” Dr. Denton remarked. “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the leaders and mentors of MBK and MSK, whose unwavering commitment has driven the program forward. I’m also so grateful for the Community Connections Committee’s tireless efforts, whose groundwork laid the foundation for our community events. With profound gratitude, I dedicate the Champion of Diversity award to them.”


Pictured l-r:  Board member Daniel Tomaszewski, President Victoria Molloy, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel and Community Services Dr. Vaughn Denton, and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lohman.