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Physics Tutorials
 Thanks to: Dolores Gende - Holy Innocents' Episcopal School in Atlanta. (choose from menu below)

Brookhaven National LaboratoryThe National Synchrotron Light Source at Brookhaven National Lab

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory presents The Particle Adventure

Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryFermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Regents Review Live!

Physics 2000 "An interactive journey through modern physics" Fantastic educational site with applets on lasers, microwaves, TV screens, waves, atoms, the periodic table, and much more! 

The Particle Adventure "A Tour of the Inner Workings of the Atom and the Tools for Discovery" Go on an adventure to learn about the exciting subatomic world. Downloadable worksheets and handouts available for classroom use. 

Soundry Completely interactive treatment of the physics of sound, perception, and a timeline of audio engineering 

Imagine the Universe "A glimpse into the mysteries of our universe…" Information, with interactive activities, about the universe 

IPPEX "Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience" Interactive physics modules about matter, electricity and magnetism, energy, and fusion. Operate your own virtual Tokamak! 

PhysLINK "Online Education and Reference" Daily physics and astronomy news, large reference section with constants, conversions, quotations, teacher's club… 

ExploreScience "Highly interactive science activities for students and educators" Activities are useful for illustrating the concepts in mechanics, optics, astronomy, wave motion, electricity and magnetism,… Teachers can create course web pages. 

Uncertainty Principle AIP exhibit about Heisenberg and the Uncertainty Principle.

The Physics Classroom An online physics tutorial written for high school students. The Tutorial covers basic physics topics using graphics and an easy-to-understand language. Each unit is broken up into lessons, with Check Your Understanding sections which provide an opportunity to assess understanding of the covered material.

About Physics Comprehensive links about everything Physics. 

The Sciences Explorer Here at the sciences explorer (A Thinkquest Project), we have tried our best to bring all the best of science and all the best of the internet to students, and people all over the world. 


PHYSICS Principles and Applications (Giancoli) Physics 5eHome Page and Syllabus Manager


ONLINE STUDY GUIDE PHYSICS 4e (Cutnell & Johnson) 

CONTEMPORARY COLLEGE PHYSICS 3e (Jones & Childers) Simulations Library

GLENCOE PHYSICS Principles and Problems

Home Pages

THE PHYSICS CLASSROOM Glenbrook High Scool, excellent tutorials.

MULTIMEDIA PHYSICS STUDIOS Glenbrook High School; excellent physics animations.

PHYSICS HOMEPAGE: Dolores Gende Holy Innocents' Episcopal School College Prep Physics and AP Physics B

PHYSICS HOMEPAGE: Peggy Schweiger High school level, lecture notes, projects, etc.

PHYSICS HOMEPAGE: Liz Woolard W. G. Enloe IB/GT Magnet High School

SCIENCE HOMEPAGE:  Debra Dimas Physics and AP Physics, Independence High School, California

J.J. PEARCE PHYSICS Physics, AP Physics from Richardson Independent School District

Telescopes and Optics

Types of  Telescopes
The Physics of Telescopes
Binoculars and Telescopes
The Telescope Page
The X-Ray Telescope
How Things Work:
Pros and cons of the different types of telescopes

Albert EinsteinPeople in Physics

Physics Biographies
Galileo & Einstein
Einstein: Image & Impact
Albert Einstein Relativity: The Special and General Theory
Kepler's First Law of Planetary Motion
Johannes Kepler: His Life
Kepler's First Law, Second Law, Third Law
Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion
Kepler and his laws
Kepler's Laws

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Physics
Basics of Nuclear Physics
Fusion links
Fusion Energy
Nuclear Fission
Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Energy FAQ
ABC's of Nuclear Physics
Nuclear Reactions

Roller Coaster Physics

Roller Coaster Physics
Paramount's King Dominion
Annenberg/ CPB Exhibits
History of Coasters
Roller Coaster
Science Hobbyist

Structures and Engineering

Bridges Links Page
Build it, Bust it! From ThinkQuest
Bridge Resources From PBS Nova
Bridges Principles Online book.
BridgeSite links
How Things Work: Bridge construction
Bridges Project Newton
Bridges Basics
Earthquake Engineering Links
Living Along the Faultline
Structures Around the World

Lasers and Holography

Holography, Hologram and Lasers
The Tech: Lasers from science fiction to everyday life.
How Things Wok: Lasers
The Laser Students page ftom ThinkQuest
The Holograms Lightforest: The Holographic Rainforest
Amateur Holography
A Guide to Practical Holography

Sonar and Ultrasound

History of Ultrasound
Sonar Thechnology
Acoustics and Sonar
Experiment with Sonar from PBS
Applications of Sound

Physics of  Sports

The Physics of Scuba Diving
Physics of: Sports and Recreation
Physics of Racing
Sports Science
Physics of Sports
Physics of Sports: Friction


Planetary and Satellite Motion
Satellites NASA
The Satellites Site
Laws of Planetary Motion
Astronomy Glossary
Orbits and Properties of the Planets
Why do satellites stay in orbit?
Satellite Orbits

Transportation Physics

How Airplanes work
Aerodynamics: NASA
Aerodynamics Links
Basics of Space Flight
Auto Collisions
Auto Collisions links
Crumple Zones in Automobiles
Magnetic Levitation Links
Maglev Technology
How Maglev Vehicles Float


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