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Welcome to the Longwood H.S. Chemistry Page. The links to the right will connect you to a specific chemistry teacher's page. Click on the atom to the left to connect to a list of Internet chemistry links. The New York State icon above will connect you to a Chemistry Regents Exam tutorial and the logo to the left to Regents Review Live. Additional links to current topics and chapters being covered in class as well as tutorials, drills and extra help can be found below.


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Regents Chemistry Current Topic/Chapter
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Regents Chemistry Tutorial
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Regents Chemistry Help

Introduction to Chemistry
  • Lab Activities for the Chemistry Lab (C. Duffner and R. Stucchio, LHS)
  • High School Hub: Chemistry
  • General Chemistry Online! (Fred Senese, Frostburg State University)
  • World Chemistry (Warwick R. Bailey, Leipzig International School)
  • Chemistry Study Cards (Paul Groves, South Pasadena High School)
  • The Chemical Scorecard (Environmental Defense Fund)

  • Regents Review Live!Periodic Tables

    New York State Regents Exam Prep In ChemistryMolecules
  • Molecular Models Tutorial (Anna Cavinato, Eastern Oregon University)

  • Ions & Solutions
  • Oxidation States for Common Ions (CHEMystery)
  • Oxidation States for Polyatomic Ions (CHEMystery)
  • Polyatomic Ions: Matching Game (Dyann K. Schmidel, Quia!)
  • Standard Reduction Potentials (CHEMystery)

  • Questions, Problem Sets, & Quizzes
  • Drills & Quizzes for General Chemistry (Fred Senese, Frostburg State U)
  • Exam Survival Guide (Fred Senese, Frostburg State University)
  • Ask the Experts: Chemistry (Scientific American)
  • Chemistry ConcepTests (University of Wisconsin)
  • ChemCom: Test & Quiz Center (Jack O'Donnell, Patrick Gormley)
  • Sheffield Chemputer (Mark J. Winter, Sheffield University)

  • Laboratory Experiments(Teaching Science)
  • General Chemistry Lab Equipment & Procedures (U of Wisconsin)
  • ChemCom Resources (Jack O'Donnell, Patrick Gormley)
  • Chemistry I Resources | Chemistry II Resources (Patrick Gormley)
  • Chemistry Lab Guide (Cal Chany, University of Illinois)
  • Chemistry Experiments You Can Do at Home (HyperChemistry)
  • Home Experiments (Bassam Z. Shakhashiri, U of Wisconsin Madison)
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