Longwood's Journey

A tour Through Ridge in 1873, based on the 1873 Beers-Comstock map.

A) A.D. Randall
J. Randall
Ridge School #22
D) H. Edwards
W.S. Smith - Longwood Estate
F) E.K. Randall
Laws - C.J. Randall
H) C. Freeman
J.O. Randall
J) J.O. Randall
K) A. Muellin
Long Pond / Lake Panamoka
M) E. Woodhull
N) Mrs. Hudson
O) J.W. Randall
Ernest Randall

Other Sites
 - Whiskey Road
 -Randall family reunion

- The Elusive Legend of Icy Hollow
- The Ridge School House 1945
- July 4th, 1873 at Ridgefield
- Formation of the Ridge Civic Association
- the Middle Island Game Farm
- Lake Panamoka Sales Brochure
- Pictures of the Ridge Post Office and Ridge Stationery
- Ridge Cordwood Played Big Part In Early Brick Making Industry


Mrs. Josephine Lundy taught at the one room schoolhouse at Ridge, NY from 1936 - 1942. At age 93 she returned to her former school house to describe to students f the Longwood jhs what it was like to teach in a one room school house. In this clip she describes what it was like to teach during the great depression. This video was taken in October 2003. There will be more clips added with our interview of Mrs. Lundy.


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