Charles Wadsworth Camp


By 2nd Lt. Osbon W. Bullen

ON THE morning of January 1st, 1919, the D Battery Soccer Team played a team from the Brigade Headquarters. The game ended in a scoreless tie. This was the beginning of athletics in the 305th Field Artillery. From that day until we started for Brest, there was always some contest under way in the Regiment. The Athletic hour, which was made a part of the drill schedule, helped to stimulate interest and started many men training for contests, which came later.
A Regimental Soccer League was organized and the first game played on January 6th, between Batteries B and E. Eight teams were entered in the league. The following summary shows the standing of the the teams on April ist.

Battery A 3 1 1 .750
B 3 1 1 .750
E 3 1 1 .750
1 2 2 .333
D 1 4 0 000
Headquarters Co. 0 0 2 .000
supply Co. 0 0 1 .000
Battery F 0 1 0 .000

The best players from these eight clubs were selected and a Regimental team was formed. This was the first team to represent the Regiment in outside competition. On Feb. 2nd we met the 304th F. A. and defeated them by a score of 3 to 1. From that time we played every available team, winning five games, tieing two, and losing two. The team was selected to represent the Division at the Le Mans Area Meet. As we defeated every team in the Division we claimed the championship of the 77th Division.
Feb 9. 305th F A. 3
304 F. A. I
Feb. 15 305 F. A. I
306 F. A. I
Feb. 22 305 F. A. 1
302 Ammunition Train 0
Feb. 26 305 F. A. 0
304 F. A. 0
Feb. 29 305 F. A. 5
304 F. A. 0
Mar. 9 51st. Artillery Brigade 1
305 F. A. 0
Mar. 18 305 F. A. 4
305 Infantry 0
Mar. 22 305 F. A. 3
307 Infantry 0
Mar. 28 35th. Division 6
305 F. A. 0

On March 8th, a Brigade Track Meet was held at Malicorne, France. Again the 305th was victorious. The final score being:

305 F. A. 43
302 Ammunition Train 32
306 F. A. 29
304 F. A. 22

The men who won points for the 305th were:
2nd. Lieut. McKee Pvt. Burns
Pvt. Bitzelberger Sgt. Froedi

Pvt. Gillegan Pvt. McLaughlin
Cpl. Gooley Pvt. Monahan
Cpl. Kressin Pvt. Wanner

Teams representing the 305 F. A. won the following places.
Tug of War-Ist place. Medley Relay-2nd place.
880 yard Relay-2nd place.

The Divisional Meet held on March 15th was won by the 152nd Field Artillery Brigade with a total of 55 points. Our nearest competitor was the 154th. Infantry Brigade with 45 points. The 305th F. A. won more points than any other unit in the Brigade.
305 F. A. 20 302 Am. Tr. 16
306 F. A. 16 304 F. A. 3

In this meet our point winners were
2nd. Lieut. McKee Cpl. Kressin
Cpl. Dodge Pvt. McLaughlin
Sgt. Froedi Pvt. Monahan
Cpl. Gooley Sgt. Parrette
Pvt. Wanner

At the Le Mans Area Meet which was won by the 77th Division, the 305 F. A. was represented by the following men.

Sgt. Alexander-3rd place 120 yd. High Hurdles. Pvt. McLaughlin-1st place Medley Relay Team Pvt. Monahan- 1st place I mile Relay Team

The baseball season was opened on Feb. 9.2d by a game between the officers and enlisted men of the Regiment, which the enlisted men won 10 to 2.
A Regimental League was formed, the first game being played on Feb. 25th. Ten teams entered. The standing at the conclusion of the series was;

supply Co. 3 0 .1000
Battery A 5 1
C 3 1 .833
B .75o
D 1 2 .333
E .333
F .333
Headquarters Co. 0 1 .000
A. P. M. 0 1 .000
Medical Det. 0 1 .000

A Regimental Team was formed with Herman Ditzel of B Battery as Captain. The team played fifteen games, winning fourteen and losing one. The following games were played:

305 F. A. 5 305 F. A. 7
304 F. A. 3 304 F. A. 6
305 F. A. 9 305 F. A. 4
304 F. A. 2 51st Artillery Brigade 0
305 F. A. 3 305 F. A. 8
306 F. A. 2 103 F. A. 5

The team was sent to Le Mans to represent the Division in the Area Meet. The Black Hawks of the Le Mans Classification Camp defeated our team in a seven inning game by a score of 2 to 0.
A Divisional Baseball League was formed, opening games being played on April 1st. The 305th F. A. played and won eight games, finishing the series without a defeat. The last game with the Ammunition Train which the 305th won 4-3, decided the Division championship as neither team had lost a game up to that time.
The scores for the League games were:

April 1. 305 F. A. 6
305 M. G. Bn. 2
Apr. 91. 305 F. A. 15
306 M. G. Bn. 7
Apr. 3 305 F. A. 12
302 F. S. Bn. 7
Apr. 4. 305 F. A. 15
302 San. Tr. 5
Apr. 8. 305 F. A. 10
308 Infantry 8
Apr. 9. 305 F. A. 9
304 F. A. 7
Apr. 10. 305 F. A. 2
306 F. A. 0
Apr. 11. 305 F. A. 4
302 Ammunition Train 3.

The 305th Field Artillery were taking part in athletic
activities from Jan. 1st to April 12th. In that time, our
teams won the Brigade Track Meet, the Divisional Soccer Championship and Divisional Baseball Championship.

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