The Art Club is for students who would like to demonstrate their creativity in an informal, fun environment.  We are directing our efforts to beautify the school with original artworks created by club members, as well as giving students the opportunity to pursue individual artistic endeavors.  All students are welcome at anytime to join.  

BUTY (Bringing Unity to Youth)

Our goal is to foster inter-racial understanding, thereby uniting the Longwood Community.  We intend to carry out this task by educating our students in the areas of diversity and the reduction of racial barriers.  Additional goals include increasing communication, developing community awareness of existing racial tensions, prejudices and stereotypes thus building new relationships among different groups.  One event BUTY has been involved is the BUTY Dance-Off.   


The Cartooning Club is a club designed for students wishing to expand their knowledge of, and/or ability to draw, various forms of animation.  We will practice, discuss, and review art forms like:  Anime, Comic Book, Dragon Art, Comic Strips, and many more.  All ranges of abilities are welcome to attend.


Chamber Orchestra is a select group of orchestra students in grades 9-12 who rehearse after school  and perform at various community and school events.  Students who want to be a part of the Chamber Orchestra must be registered in Orchestra and must audition to be part of the group.  

Orchestra is offered as a music elective in grades 9-12.  Students must be recommended by the previous year’s Orchestra Director.  The Orchestra is currently divided into 2 groups: the 9th Grade Orchestra and the 10th - 12th Grade Orchestra. 


Choralions are a select group of chorus students in grades 9 -12 who rehearse after school one day per week and sing at various community and school events.  Students who want to be a part of Choralions must be part of the group, 9/10 or 11/12 chorus.

Choralions is offered as a Club in grades 9-12.  Students must audition to be choralions. 


The 11th or 12th Grade Chorus is offered to students who are interested in singing advanced High School choral literature, as well as, to improve their individual singing knowledge and technique.  They perform at two evening concerts throughout the school year, and additional performance opportunities will be available to interested students. 

No audition is required to enter the class, however, students must meet with the Chorus Director during a lunch or study hall, to be placed in the appropriate vocal section.  Attendance at one weekly lesson and the two evening concerts are mandatory, and they comprise 75% of students’ grades.  The remaining 25% of the grade is determined by participation during daily rehearsals.  

Students who are concurrently enrolled in band or orchestra may enroll in the A/B day option to participate in both groups. 


The Class of 2016 meets every Tuesday to discuss and prepare for class events.  We participate in many events including Olympic Night.   The Class of 2016 will hold fundraisers to help alleviate the costs of class events.   The Class of 2016 will also organize The Senior Trip, Senior Banquet and The Senior Prom.  We believe in being an active part of Longwood’s pride.  All members of the Class of 2016 are welcome. 


The Class of 2017 meets every Tuesday to discuss and prepare for class events.  They participate in Longwood Olympic Night and run an annual Stay-Awake-A-Thon and Movie Night.  The Stay-Awake-A-Thon is an event to raise money for charity (the charity is determined each year).  Movie Night is a fundraiser to help alleviate the cost of proms and trips.  All member of the Class of 2017 are welcome.


The class of 2018 is a group of students who are dedicated to promoting class and school spirit. We meet on Tuesday from 2:00 – 3:00.   Some of the activities we are involved in include, Olympic Night, fundraisers for several charities and lowering the cost of class events.  All member of the Class of 2018 are welcome.


The Class of 2019 meets every Tuesday after school.  Here we facilitate the activities and the needs of the Class of 2019.  We organize and run events including Longwood Unplugged.  You do not need to be elected to attend our meetings; you need only to be a member of the class of 2019.  Our fund rising also helps us to donate to community organizations and projects.  


The Environmental Club is a club for students who wish to explore, enjoy and protect the environment.  Students are engaged in activities that enrich appreciation for the environment, that demonstrate the link between environmental and social issues, and that enhance environmental sustainability within the school, the community and beyond.  

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

FBLA members explore college and career opportunities through a number of co-curricular educational programs.  Members take part in academic competitions, networking events with accomplished business professionals, and community service projects.  Plus, members have exclusive access to scholarships from a select group of academic institutions. 


The Gamers’ Guild meets every Friday after 9th period.  At our meetings students play games and enjoy each other’s company.  New students are always welcome.  We play board-games, card games and role playing games.  If you have a favorite, bring it with you to a meeting.


The Longwood High School Stage Band is a group of 18 - 25 players on saxophones, brass and rhythm sections (piano, guitar, bass and drums) instruments.  The band performs throughout the community as well as in the High School.  They will interpret The Great American Art Form of Jazz in styles ranging from swing era to modern idioms.  Players will be chosen in September by audition only.  


The STEP Squad is a performance dance group whose members make music through song and dance with their hands and feet.  Our elaborate routines are characterized by original dances, precision in movement and sharp beats.  To be a successful stepper, a student needs a combination of concentration, hand-eye coordination, rhythm and team work.  Our Longwood STEP Squad is open to both boys and girls.  We practice two times weekly for three hours each day.  The STEP Squad performs during half time at basketball games, at competitions and other school functions.  Our primary goal is to promote school spirit by performing rhythmic dance accompanied by enthusiastic cheers while encouraging crowd participation.  


This one-of-a-kind activity develops a sense of school-community partnership. The group meets to work with students in martial arts as a tool to achieve important goals within the high school setting.  This physical activity is an excellent way to reinforce discipline, goal setting and respect as important components of the study of martial arts. 

The PAL-Karate program stresses non-violent conflict resolution and seeks to improve student’s self esteem by offering them a “new” way to connect to school.  Some of the goals of the program include: Respect for oneself and others, improved self-esteem/self image, increase parental support and involvement, peer mentoring and leadership skills, and a sense of “community” within the context of a large high school.


The Leo Club is a community service organization.  We promote service which will develop the individual qualities of leadership, experience, and opportunity among students. Some of the activities the club is involved in throughout the year include:  Food Drives, Toy Drives, Walk-a-Thons, Special Olympics, School Dances, Volunteer at local nursing homes, Assist with the Longwood S.A.I.L. Program, Adopt-a-Family Fundraisers.  


The Literary Club is a group of students who enjoy reading, writing, and editing poetry, stories, and essays.  We have members in grades 9 -12, who spend time writing and creating original pieces of literature.  All are welcome.


The Marching Band performs at all home football games and the Newsday Marching Band Festival at Hofstra University.  Future plans include other performance venues.  Rehearsals include a summer band camp at Longwood High School for three or four evenings and then a few days each week during September and October.  Rehearsals include learning and reviewing marching fundamentals, music, and “life lessons” such as respect, unity, pride, and leadership skills.  The Marching Band continues to evolve and creates leadership positions for our students.  Be a part from the start!


The Math Club meets weekly to explore ways to solve challenging, upper level, out-of-the-box math problems.  The club participates in monthly competitions against other schools, as well as in the annual countywide competition at Suffolk County Community College.  Students who love math have an opportunity to expand their horizons and test their skills against the best “mathletes” throughout New York State.


Longwood’s Chapter of the National Art Society is a community service organization consisting of students chosen from among the top art students at Longwood.  Membership is based on superior achievement in art, teacher recommendation, commitment to our community service activities in the arts, maintaining minimum art average of 92, attendance at meetings and mandatory participation in all community service activities.  Applications are accepted in April of each school year from Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors for inclusion for the following school year.  Those who fulfill requirements will be notified early in May of their acceptance and will be inducted at the end of May for the following school year. 


Students are selected for membership in the Longwood Chapter of the National Honor Society based on their outstanding qualities of scholarship, character and service to school and community.  In accordance with the policy of the national organization and our chapter’s charter, scholarship criterion for admission to the Longwood High School Chapter is a grade point average of 90 or better. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors achieving this standard are invited to complete an application to join the National Honor Society after the second marking period.  

A faculty committee will make the final selection of members based on applications, activity advisor recommendations, as well as the recommendation of the applicant’s high school teachers.  Once selected, all members must maintain a grade point average of 90 as well as character and community service standards to continue membership in the National Honor Society.


The Longwood High School Newspaper/Journalism Club is responsible for the publication of the High School Newspaper, “The Lion’s Roar”.  The club meets weekly; the frequency of meetings is dictated by the needs of the paper.  Our normal meetings are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  All students are welcome to join the club.  It is a great way to get involved with school events.  The club is also open to photographers, artists, creative writers, etc.

ORCHESTRA  9th & 10th 

Orchestra is offered as a music elective in grades 9 - 12.  Students must be recommended by the previous year’s orchestra director.  The Orchestra is currently divided into 2 groups: the 9th grade orchestra and the 10th - 12th grade orchestra.


The Outdoor Education Club will concentrate on a sequence of activities involving physical, mental and social components.  The club will introduce cooperative and collaborative games, trust activities, low and high climbing elements. Activities will also include Fly Fishing, Mountain Biking, Canoeing/Kayaking, Camping/Survival Skills, Entomology (science of insects), Skiing and Outdoor Snow Activities.  All of the activities are for students to develop an environment of honesty and trust; we will attempt to develop fundraising activities to try to perpetuate the club.  Club meetings are twice a month. 

The Protein Challenge is an after school club in which students learn about protein structure and function.  Students use resources such as the Protein Data Bank and the Jmol Program to model the 3D structure of proteins and show how it relates to their function.  Students research the function at the Protein Challenge Competition at SUNY Stony Brook and used the Science Olympiad Competition.  Meetings are held Mondays after school. 


The Quiz Bowl teams compete against other Long Island High Schools in Jeopardy-style meets that match groups of four students against each other.  The Varsity and Junior Varsity teams are selected by tryouts, and students who excel in knowledge about such areas as the humanities, sciences, arts, mathematics, history, geography, and current events.  We play five season games from November to March, and often qualify for the Long Island finals tournament in April.  All students from grades 9 through 12 are eligible to try out for either team.

We meet for practice games on Fridays.  Tryouts are held in September of each school year.


The purpose of the Longwood Robotics Program is to establish a school-based program to overall enhance our members’ knowledge of scientific, mathematical, and technical areas through practical application.  The team website is

Under strict rules, limited resources, and an intense six-week time limit, students are challenged to raise funds, design a team “brand”, hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game field game against like-minded competitors.  It’s a close to real-world engineering as a student can get.


Science Olympiad is a club where students compete against each other at a Divisional level. The students compete from hands-on events where they build machines, some of which involve robotics, to pure knowledge events, where they compete for points.  The top schools from the divisional meet go on to compete at higher levels.  The club meets once a week.


The Sewing and Crafts Club meets weekly to provide time for craft projects such as 
knitting, crocheting, sewing and other ideas.  Ms. LoRusso and Ms. O’Neill will welcome you in room 1711.


Student Council is the umbrella organization for Student Government.  Student Government is part of Student Council.  Student Government focuses on class activities; Student Council focuses on events and activities benefiting the entire school.  Students are automatically in both.  We meet every Monday.  Everyone is welcome to join Student Council at any time during the year.  Monday meetings are mandatory for all class officers and official representatives. Anyone not elected is definitely encouraged to come and join in with any discussion.  Student Council has an executive board that oversees all activities.  

Student Council activities are school and community related.  Student Council is involved in the following events: Organize and run Open House in October; Plan Sprit Week and organize Olympic night; Run two student blood drives through the year; Organize and coordinate the adopt-a-child program for the holiday season and make sure the gifts are wrapped and delivered to the various schools and social workers. Students meet with the Principal on a monthly basis to discuss the concerns of the student body.  The Board of Education has created a Board of Ed Advisory committee which is comprised of students from Student Council.


Tri-M honors our finest choral and instrumental students in grades 9 -12.  To be a member, students must currently be an active member in one of our school music organizations and perform a NYSSMA solo (during the prior school year) with a minimum rating of level 5A- or 6B+.  The chapter has allowed students to audition for the executive board during the school year, but will begin to “phase out” this process as we continue to improve our chapter.


The Weight Lifting Club allows students to improve strength and conditioning.  It allows students to work on personal health and fitness in a safe environment while utilizing a community resource, the High School weight room.  The biggest, fastest, 
strongest weight training total program used in the club incorporates weight training, plyometric training, agility, core, and speed training as well as rest, nutrition, sleep guidelines and goal setting. 


The World Culture and Language Club dedicate itself to broadening student’s appreciation of world cultures, as well as celebrating the diversity of the Longwood community.  The students have participated in various fundraisers such as Hurricane Relief, Emily Edberg’s Fundraiser and the Disaster Relief Fund.  The World Language Club is also in charge of painting “the world” in the 1300 hallway at Longwood High School.  More recently, the club has raised money for “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF”, helping the children of the world.


The Yearbook Club is a great one to get involved in.  The group meets throughout the week as needed.  Every year, the staff creates the next edition of the Yearbook, with a few students from each grade working to create their individual pages.  Photographers take candid pictures for use in the class pages, artists make their creations and decorate the book in and out, and writers can use their words to help us all remember each year that passes.  Those interested in the business aspect of the Yearbook can use their skills to keep track of sales, information records, and advertising.  All are welcome.


The Yoga/Pilates Club is a safe relaxing place for students to work on improving their overall wellness.  We work on strength, flexibility and posture.  Students should wear comfortable clothes they can move in.  Yoga mats, straps and blocks are provided.  


The following clubs are scheduled for the 2015-2016 school year.  Club information pending:

Chess Club
Military Club
Princeton Model Congress
Rotary Interact
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